Mission-Focused. Purpose-Built. People-Centric.


Our purpose is clear: Deliver excellence every day


The direction from AFNWC Leadership is clear: be a lifetime partner with superb recruiting, retention and knowledge management skills that understands the nuclear enterprise and how to get old systems to work with new systems. i2S2 was formed explicitly to help the Air Force maximize ROI and ease the transition between MM-III and GBSD.

We are ready and able to deliver excellence every day, purpose-built for:

  • Stakeholder intimacy with AFNWC commanders and contractors, bringing an autonomous, adaptable partner on the ground at Hill, focused solely on exemplary ISC 2.0 service delivery
  • Adaptable, flexible response to pivot with AFNWC to support the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Prioritization Plan, retain and transfer critical MM-III legacy knowledge, build to the GBSD transition, and continuously sustain a battle rhythm fully aligned with the mission
  • Locally based, accessible leadership with the autonomy to render timely decisions, commit all needed resources, adapt and respond to known and emerging requirements
  • Systems-of-systems rigor as a pure integrator, solution- and systems-agnostic, with no risk of real or perceived organizational conflict of interest (OCI) when collaborating with other contractors
  • Successful recruiting and staffing to complement in-house staff development with a local and national strategy to find, attract and retain the best talent to meet government requirements and cooperate with the existing defense industry base
  • Workforce retention and development, as a custom-designed Employer of Choice providing an enviable career journey, culture, work experience, and market-leading compensation and benefits

The i2S2 partners are making significant investments now to ensure the company has the foundation and resources for long-term success—establishing deep roots in Ogden, UT and the Hill Air Force Base community where our team will operate.

i2S2 Core capabilities

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